Thursday, February 27, 2014

Alejandro Betancourt discusses Derwick's investment opportunities in Spain

Alejandro Betancourt Derwick
In one of my latest visits to Spain, the Spanish magazine “Capital” asked me for an interview in which we talked about Derwick's future plans and investment interests outside of Venezuela. Here below is a summary and a link for you to read the full interview:

Derwick Associates remains committed to the transfer of advanced technology to benefit Venezuela's international electrical industry. To this end, Alejandro Betancourt has visited Spain to study existing companies in this country and to see "what tools we can use for our benefit and bring back home with us." The main interest of the Venezuelan company, as commented in an interview with the magazine Capital, is to import energy storage and networks technology.

The company is focused on enhancing the technological development of the thermoelectric sector in order to export to other Latin American countries, such as Ecuador, Columbia and, most importantly, Brazil.

Meanwhile, Derwick is still workingalong with the Venezuelan government— on the creation of "a shield for the country's most important cities" and to this end, has worked with companies such as the Spanish Iberdrola or Duro Felguera, on the construction of Caracas' thermoelectric power ring, already operating successfully and allowing power restoration in as little as 30 or 50 minutes, in case of a blackout. Despite recent successes, the company continues to work tirelessly because, as Betancourt himself stated, "Venezuela's Electric Park requires updates every few years; all governments should be aware of this and they should have a long-term plan."

During the interview with the Spanish publication, Betancourt responded to the most critical voices and ensured that Derwick's commitment is to build a country and ensure the reconciliation of its citizens. If this reason alone endures criticism, then "it's just part of the job", he says.

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