Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Derwick improves Venezuela's energy and technology capabilities

During our recent business trip to Spain we had the opportunity to speak with some media representatives from that country. I'd like to share with you a few paragraphs published by the Spanish magazine “Sector Ejecutivo” (“Executive Sector”):

Thermoelectric company Derwick has been well-positioned within Venezuela's electricity sector, thanks to the constant work that has taken place in recent years. As its president Alejandro Betancourt stated to Spanish magazine Sector Ejecutivo, Derwick is "a recognized company that provides real solutions both in project engineering, procurement and construction of power plants, as well as all related services to plant operation and maintenance."

The work and skills of its technicians and management have been the keys to its success, as the company was not well-known when it was entrusted with the mission to build eleven power plants - for this reason Derwick has received much criticism recently. Nonetheless, Betancourt is proud of the work of his team: his"most qualified" technicians and "most experienced" employees have allowed Derwick to respond with actions, not just words.

At this time, Derwick has built eleven thermoelectric plants —some of them part of the Caracas ring—  that have allowed for an increase in the capacity of the electricity sector in Venezuela to 1,216 megawatts. The president believes that "in contrast to what other international companies have done, Derwick just stepped forward and took on the challenge of our customers."

After proving its value in the domestic sector, Betancourt is planning the international expansion of the company with investments in Spain and other Latin American countries, and opens the door to collaborations with Spanish companies nationwide. During his recent trip to the European country, he met with some of the leading companies in the Spanish energy sector.

Despite its expansion plan, Derwick will not abandon its work in Venezuela. For this reason, it is continuing its plans for the deployment of its Technological Turbine Center, which is among the ten largest in the world, and for which a $40m investment was necessary. This project has two objectives: to respond to the needs of the electric and oil industry in Venezuela, and to transfer the latest technological innovations to the local sector.

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